Mechanism of Action of Antipsychotic Agents

Author: Flavio Guzman, MD This video discusses the following topics: The dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia (the evidence that supports it and its limitations). First-generation (typical) antipsychotics are D2 antagonists. Pharmacodynamic profile of second-generation antipsychotics (5-HT2A antagonism, fast D2 dissociation, 5-HT1A agonism). The main differences between first and second generation antipsychotics (from a receptor binding perspective).…

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Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia: A Clinical Overview

By Flavio Guzmán, MD This video lecture is a brief summary of the most recent literature on the evolving field of pharmacological treatment of schizophrenia (see references and further reading). In this video I discuss the following topics: Psychosis and schizophrenia. Why is psychopathology important for understanding benefits and limitations of antipsychotic therapy. The latest…

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